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taking the gospel to where the people are...

swea/gfe has presented the gospel to 50,000,000 people

who we are and what we do

SWEA/GFE has one purpose and one goal, to reach the unsaved masses with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. For us, it is all about one thing, "field evangelism" - taking the Gospel OUT to where the people are. It is a cross-cultural ministry of front-line mass evangelism. It can accurately be described by the name given to the overseas network of national ministry teams: GLOBAL FIELD EVANGELISM.


The ministry operates as a network of national teams, utilizing the calling and commitment of men and women from various countries and cultures to proclaim the Good News of Christ. They have all been trained to use the "we go to them" mehtodology and preach the same simple Gospel message that calls for a verdict.


We are OUTWARD focused. Instead of requiring people to COME to an organized Christian event to hear the Gospel, we reverse the process and GO to where the people are already gathered in groups or easily can be. Such places include schools, colleges, prisons, busy streets, bus and train stations, open-air markets, slums - anywhere a crowd of people can be found and turned into a listening audience. In order to gather His harvest, we must GO into the field where the harvest is.

it works because we use...


We are called and commissioned by God for the singular task of delivering the simple Gospel to as many unsaved people as we can reach with the time and resources God has provided. It is a three-step process: CONFRONTATION, COMMUNICATION, INVITATION. Our calling is to confront lost people where they are, communicate a clear message, and invite them to make a definite decision concerning their relationship with Jesus Christ.

a practical

We have found that the fastest and most efficient way to expand the Kingdom of God throughout the world is to identify men and women in each country who have a heart for reaching their own people, then provide them with the training and tools they need to fulfill their calling. By employing this model we have seen the ministry of SWEA/GFE multiply dramatically. Through the combined efforts of a growing team of national field evangelists preaching daily in their own cultures, the number of people being reached with the Gospel has now risen from thousands each year to millions.

a proven

Throughout the world there are millions of people who, for various reasons, either WILL not or CAN not come to a Christian event. So, rather than requiring the unsaved to come to us to hear the Gospel, we find out where they are already gathered in groups and take the Gospel to them. Such places would include schools, colleges, prisons, open-air markets, busy streets, villiages, slums, transportation centers, and evening film shows.

a powerful

No message contains more power, hope, and life-changing potential than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore the message we proclaim is the simple, direct, uncompromising truth of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. We must face the truth about ourselves; we are all born sinners, separated from God. We must face the truth about Jesus; He is our only means of forgiveness and salvation. We must also face the truth about eternity; a definite choice must be made. Every message presented calls for a verdict, and concludes with an opportunity for immediate response.

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