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what is
field evangelism?

Evangelism (proclaiming good news) is the process by which the message of salvation through Jesus Christ is presented to the unsaved. It involves three steps:


1. CONFRONTATION - The person with the message must make contact with the unsaved person who does not yet have it. 

2. COMMUNICATION - A clear simple understandable Gospel message must be given to the unsaved person, which enables him to make a definite decision concerning his relationship with Christ.

3. INVITATION - The unsaved person must be given an opportunity to act upon the message he has received.


“WE GO TO THEM” field evangelism is simply taking that process OUT beyond the walls of the church and crusade venue. It is taking the message to where the people are, rather than requiring them to come to an organized Christian event.

the field evangelism approach

The field evangelist finds out where a crowd of unsaved people already exists or where one can easily be created. He then goes out to that group and uses some kind of attention-getting device (music, drama, etc.) to attract their attention and turn them into a listening audience. Then the Gospel is presented simply, clearly, and quickly and an invitation is issued to receive Christ. Field evangelism venues would include such places as open-air markets, shopping centers, busy streets, public parks, transportation centers, school assemblies, college campuses, and prisons.

the field evangelism advantage

It is easily transferable. Unlike “crusade evangelism”, field evangelism can be easily reproduced without a great deal of preparation, equipment or money. It is portable and can go anywhere at anytime. And, in most cases, the audience is made up of people who are unsaved and have not heard the Gospel before.


The only way to catch fish is to go to where they ARE. The only way to gather a harvest is to go to where the harvest IS. Opportunities for we-go-to-them field evangelism are greater in some countries and cultures than others, but with prayer and creativity, they can be found anywhere.

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