Shad and his new friend

Shad sharing Jesus with students

3 simple steps

Students receiving Jesus

Shad sharing the Gospel

Sheila sharing Jesus with students

Responding to the Gospel

Sheila sharing in a school

Shad sharing the Gospel in an open-air market

Shad preaching

Sheila sharing in a market

Shad and Kevin deliver the message

A crowd responding

Shad in a market

A street in the slums

Set up and ready to go

Sheila sharing

Shad in a school sharing Jesus

Bringing light to the slums

Team member sharing in a school

Sheila sharing how to grow in Christ

Open-air market

An 85 year old accepts Jesus

Bob & Trudy McLaughlin

Shad at a boys high school

Daniel preaching in a market

Calling for a decision to follow Jesus

Counseling new believers

Dancing team

Heavy equipment used to proclaim a powerful message

Baptizing new believers

Students hearing the message

Gibson Kachaje preaching in open-air venue in Malawi, Africa

They listen intently to the Gospel

High school students