Real Faith is a well balanced, Scripture based, comprehensive treatment of the subject of living by real Bible faith. Drawing on examples and illustrations of real faith from the Bible, Christian history, and from forty years of personal experience, Shad Williams guides the reader step by step into the exciting, productive, God pleasing life of Real Faith. This book is practical, easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply. In it the student of faith will find definitive answers to these questions and many others, such as:

What is real faith - EXACTLY?

What does it mean to live by faith - REALLY?

Is it really possible for me - PERSONALLY?

What is the Christian life - ACTUALLY?

What does it mean to be Spirit-filled - TRULY?

What is real worship - LITERALLY?

How can I know the clear will of God - ASSUREDLY?

How do I make faith work in my life - PRACTICALLY?

Do I have what it takes to live by faith - COMPLETELY?

Real Faith Book

Sheila Williams and Keith Cook did a great job constructing the study guide, and the final product is tremendous. It is a great tool and will benefit those who want to study the Real Faith Book in depth. It will be a big help also for study groups.

Real Faith Study Guide

We offer a free digital .pdf version of Real Faith (Real Faith Book 2nd Ed.pdf). Just click on the icon below, read it online, or save it to your computer or cell phone.

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